The Five Letters

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It’s possible that you realize that something is just a bit off. It’s also possible that others are telling you that something seems to be wrong, or they wonder why you respond in certain ways. Even if you aren’t struggling now, you may see the value in learning the life skills of recognition, acceptance, and emotional growth.  

We all have a past, and many times pain and negative circumstances from that past stay with us for years and affect our attitudes, actions, and performance. But most especially, they impact our relationships.

The lessons we must take from our past are represented by The 5 Letters. They are those letters we must write, to others and ourselves, in order to take command of those past lessons and convert them into building blocks for a stronger and healthier lifestyle in the now.

We systematically teach you how to recognize the conscious actions and subconscious reactions you’ve developed as habits in response to your past, and then to analyze them, own them, and then to create better response mechanisms as you grow.

In the end, you’ll have great tools and even greater confidence to move forward in strength and hope.

The Five Letters Course Purpose

Life Lessons & Skills from The Five Letters

The Five Letters gives valuable life lessons and skills. 

You will turn habitual reactions into measured responses and communicate directly through pain. You will find inspiration in moment while defeating negativity.   Knowing how to leverage your strengths all while making value-based decisions.  

Values • Health • Positive Vision

Course Sessions

Standard enrollment
Weekly sessions are live, Tuesday at 8pm Central, with recordings available the following morning.

Week 1. Recognize when pain rules.

Week 2 . Bucket of No’s.

Week 3. Letters… Why Letters?

Week 4. Gratitude.

Week 5. Forgiveness.

Week 6. Confession.

Week 7. Self Determination

Week 8. Faith and Values

Week 9. What you’ve learned.

Week 10. Live your Stengths

Add'l Sessions (weekly)

With Intensive enrollment
Weekly sessions are live, Thursdays at 7pm Central, with recording available the following morning.

It’s okay… But Change is good!

What’s the Plan?

Find your thankfulness.

For you, not them.

Non-conscious strength.

Be you… and win. 

Where’s your hope?

Recognize, Review, Write, Report

It’s a wrap!

Course Inclusions


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