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There is one inescapable truth that I’ve learned from the last 3+ decades of coaching and consulting:

People are EVERYTHING – the defining ingredient in every effort. Sure, technology is important. Finances are significant. Circumstances play a crucial role…. But we as humans are the essential piece in every puzzle. Successes because of people. Failures, absolutely also.

I’ve been blessed to be a coach, consultant, and mentor for athletic teams, large corporations, non-profits, couples and families, and entrepreneurs with all sizes of businesses. And every project, every milestone, every accomplishment has ALWAYS boiled down to one thing: Was the dedication and performance of the people enough to drive success?

At Dave Miner, we spend a lot of time, money, and effort to develop the tools, training, and education that empower and guide people to accomplish great things. It is our corporate mantra, in fact: Lifestyle fulfillment through values-based actions.

But one thing has always come back to me over the years, and that is that sometimes people have internal work to do. We must be healthy in our minds, bodies, and souls in order to make the best use of the knowledge and tools around us. At Win Infinitely, our membership group, I want to pass along the lessons I’ve learned – from my own life and others with whom I’ve worked. My purpose here is to promote an environment where we can do the work we need to do to recover from pain, build healthy habits, and grow our visions.

Thank you for allowing me to join in on your journey.

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